On-Board Air Control Kits & Components

Apart from the inflation valve facility that comes standard in all of our Air Suspension Kits we have a massive range of ADD ON On-Board Air Control Kits & Components that include Compressors, Portable Compressors, Tanks, Gauges, Switches, Valves, Fittings, Tubing & More that allows greater convenience for inflation and deflation of airbags via portable or on-board air supplies and air controls.

A vast range of air control kits and components are available, from our air suspension tailored portable air compressor to on-board electronic automatic height control systems.¬†Airbag Man’s Wireless Kits for ease of inflation & deflation of your air suspension via portable touch of a button technology.


  • Individual control of 2 airbags
  • Light weight, brushed finish key fob controller with button shield
  • Easy to mount, pre-programmed receiver
  • Compact 200 psi valve block with sealed connectors
  • Easily added to existing air control systems

Airbag Man Air Control


Firestone Air-Rite kits and components provide an instant air source for all air suspension kits and products to allow quick inflation and deflation for various road and load conditions. Our Firestone Air-Rite air control systems can also give you the optional advantage of finger-tip levelling control for your vehicle or automatic height management.

Airbag Man Air Control

Air-Rite Air Control Products

Firestone has expanded the offering of our Air Rite Air Control Systems, with the new Air Command F3 Wireless Air Compressor Kit.

Airbag Man Air Control Auto Levelling

Check out some of our more popular options below:

Whether you need single or dual (side-to-side) load levelling control, we have a number of analogue, digital and wireless gauge options for adjusting the air in your springs. These gauges can be mounted to your, dash, clipped to your visor or kept in your glovebox or console.

Firestone’s air compressors are included in most Air Command Systems but may also be purchased separately. All Firestone compressors are direct drive compressors (no oil or belts), so compressors can be mounted in any position.

Firestone offers a wide selection of air tanks ranging for 1/4 gallon to 20 gallons. These air tanks are coated internally and externally to resist corrosion. They are tested to SAE J1- compliance and capable of 150 PSI maximum pressure.

Mounting Kits

Air Supply Kits

All Firestone products come with a lifetime warranty.

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