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All-Air introduces new Coil-Rite kits for Nissan’s new Navara

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Nissan’s launch of the new Navara NP300 in June marked a new era for 4×4 work vehicles. For the first time, Nissan’s top of the range models will use rear coil suspension instead of the leaf springs that are now used only on the entry level models.

All Air Suspension operates as NSW distributor for national air suspension specialist Airbag Man to provide easily fitted heavy duty Firestone Coil-Rite suspensions, specifically tailored to the Navara, designed to be industry benchmarks of safety and durability.

“With a 3.5 tonne towing capacity, the new Navara is designed to handle tough tasks with ease in areas such as mining, construction and manufacturing. To help cope with these harsh and diverse demands, All-Air Suspension supplies custom-engineered kits to further enhance the vehicle’s stability and safety,” says Mr James Maslin, General Manager, All-Air Suspension.

Coil-Rite Kits

The latest Airbag Man Coil-Rite kits from All-Air Suspension – one of Australia’s leading distributors of supplementary air suspensions for work and recreational vehicles – maximise the safe load carrying capacity, help level the ride and improve braking and steering. Users should not exceed the vehicle’s Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM).

“Coil-Rite air helper springs mount inside an existing open coil spring suspension. These air springs provide adjustable spring rates far superior to the standard coil spring. The air bags are built with durable elastic polyurethane, providing years of comfort and stability,” explains Mr Maslin.

All-Air's Complete Coil-Rite Kit

All-Air’s Complete Coil-Rite Kit

These advanced features have a number of benefits, including:

  • Maintaining a level vehicle – they are easily adjustable to suit individual needs and specifications
  • Maximising the safe load carrying capacity
  • Increasing the vehicle’s stability
  • Improving steering and balance
  • Improving overall ride quality
  • Greatly reducing “bottoming out”
  • Reducing coil suspension fatigue
  • Keeping headlights aimed on the road – rather than shining up into oncoming traffic as a result of a heavy load dragging the rear of the vehicle downwards
  • Reducing tyre wear – by countering uneven loads and chassis stresses

On-Board Digital Air Controls

New Airbag Man on-board controls with digital gauges for simple in-cab monitoring and adjustment of airbag pressure are also available for added convenience. The digital controls can substitute any standard analogue gauge in an air control kit.

All-Air Suspension's On-Board Controls with Digital Gauges

All-Air Suspension’s On-Board Controls with Digital Gauges

This device makes it easier for airbag equipped vehicles to level up their suspension under the stress of uneven or varying loads, enhancing safety and levelling ride when carrying heavy weights on one side of a vehicle, liquid tanks being filled or emptied and towing trailers, boats or caravans.

“A major benefit of the new digital controllers is the ability to see real-time digital readouts of the air pressures in each bag,” says Mr Maslin. “The controls can also easily be located away from the readout, which allows for a cleaner installation,” he said.

“For work vehicles you can also have the controls on the outside to allow for a visual check, with the monitoring on the inside. With the digital controllers, you can customise its location to suit the vehicle and its purpose,” Mr Maslin said.

The controls allow for finger-tip adjustment for front-to-rear and side-to-side levelling of airbags without having to leave the vehicle and perform a series of manual adjustments.

All Air Suspension has specialised suspension kits for a range of different vehicles – to see if they have the right fit for you, contact them on the details below.

For further information about this media release or the name of local fitting specialists for All-Air Suspension and Airbag Man products, please contact All-Air Suspension, 10 Angas St, Meadowbank, Sydney 2114

Ph (02) 9807 7641, fax (02) 9807 7643

All-Air Suspension can also supply contacts for national availability of the product.

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